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Gramercy Hair Salon

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Why Keratin may be Right for Your Hair

If your locks are looking frizzy, dull or lackluster, a keratin treatment may be just the pick-me-up it needs. It tames the mane, adds shine and vitality, and aids in repairing damage. Treatments are designed for coarse and thick hair, as it can overwhelm fine strands, but can even be used if you’ve permed, bleached or relaxed your locks.

Your hair is comprised of cells called cuticles. When hair becomes damaged through styling and isn’t obtaining the nutrients it needs, cells become damaged. The result is hair with a dull and unhealthy appearance. Frizzy locks can also be a problem. Keratin is a protein that works by smoothing the cuticles and providing nutrients as the keratin is absorbed by hair shafts. A keratin treatment typically lasts 3-5 months.

Keratin treatments aren’t for everyone. Salon style treatments can damage certain types of hair since it actually breaks down the hair’s natural bonds and then reseals them as it’s absorbed. Many keratin treatments also contain chemicals that can be detrimental since high-heat is required to lock strands into place after the treatment. It’s best to consult with a salon specialist about alternatives and seek treatments that use glyoxylic acid rather than formaldehyde.

The results you obtain from a keratin treatment will depend on several factors that include the health of your hair prior to the treatment, the kind of hair you have, and the type of keratin treatment chosen. It’s also time-intensive. Chemicals are applied and then you’ll need to return to have those chemicals expunged from your locks.

A salon keratin treatment can make your hair less prone to damage and easier to manage and style. If you have very fine or severely damaged hair, many stylists recommend using a home shampoo and conditioner containing keratin. For those with certain, specific requirements, a salon keratin treatment may be just what you need.

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