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Gramercy Hair Salon

Why you Should Trim Hair Periodically

An overwhelming number of people never go in for “just a trim.” They wait to visit the salon until their hair becomes unmanageable, damaged, or want to try a new color or style. There are multiple benefits to keeping hair regularly trimmed. On average, hair should be trimmed every 3-4 months, at which time half an inch should be removed from the ends.

Erratic Growth

If you have fine hair, you’ve probably discovered that your hair can grow out in ways that are less than optimal. It’s also more susceptible to damage from hair care products and hot styling tools. The same is true of coarse hair and hair that’s frequently dyed.

Health and Strength

Blunt hair tips are less likely to be damaged. Hair that isn’t regularly trimmed tends to develop split ends that can lead to even more damage. The less damage each strand of hair has, the healthier and stronger it is. Preventing the hair cuticle from splitting through trimming enables strands to grow better. For the best health and growth, trim every six to eight weeks. Hair that’s regularly treated to a trim is easier to style and there’s less tangling.

Hair Lengths

If you have a straight or short style that you want to keep looking sharp and will hold its shape, trim it every two to four weeks. Any longer than that and it will take on an overgrown appearance. Mid-length hair should be trimmed every eight to 12 weeks to keep edges nicely shaped. If you’re suffering from hair loss, keeping it trimmed will give the appearance of being thicker and having more volume.

Long hair is more forgiving and can go six months between trims, but it’s also more susceptible to breakage. Mid-length and long hair are often put up in a ponytail, which can contribute to damage. The same time frame should be followed if you have thick or curly hair. Trim natural hair every three to four months.

Warning Signs

It’s much better to be proactive with your hair trimming than reactive. By the time that you notice the warning signs, considerable damage will already have occurred. Be on the lookout for split ends and breakage. If hair snags, snarls or tangles easily at the ends, it’s past time to get a trim.

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